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Welcome to the Resource and tool page for cadets;

The success of the cadet program is based on your efforts and motivation. It will provide opportunities for you if you are willing to put in the work. Remember the aims of the program, to promote physical fitness, develop in youth leadership and citizenship and to promote an interest in Land element in the Cdn Forces. We provide you the tools and resources; it’s your job to make the commitment, dedication, and to have fun doing it and making it fun for others. Use the material below to assist you in the execution of your duties.

Corps Standing Orders World of Music Games and Visual Aids

Standing Orders

Training Schedule

2017/18 Training Schedule (Rev. Jan)

PSRY Facilitator Guide
* PSRY Video Drop Box Link: Here

Supplementary Orders

Medal Award Nominations
Lord Strathcona Medal
Legion Medal of Excellence
Army Cadet Service Medal
Service Medal / Bar Application Form

Instrument Fingering Charts
Band Drill Chapter 14

Band Formation Videos (Copy Link)

The Sea Cadet March Book
The Air Cadet March Book Part 1
The Air Cadet March Book Part 2
The Army Cadet March Book Part 1
The Army Cadet March Book Part 2

Pipe Band Proficiency Levels
Bagpipe Chapters: 1  2  3  4
Snare Drum Chapters: 1  2  3  4

Principles Of Instruction
Who wants to be a millionaire
Music - Theme
Music - Regis
Hollywood Squares
Music - Theme
Team Work Games

Fitness Testing
Shuttle Run Beep Test
Fitness Assessment -M
Fitness Assessment - F
Fitness PO Check
Annex K - Form

Summer Training Documents

Good to Have

Star Level Training

2018 Summer Camp Choices
Cadet Course Application Form
Staff Application
Common Join Instructions - Cadets
Kit List
Smoking Consent Form
Transportation Form
Blackdown Joining Instructions
HMCS Ontario Joining Instructions
CFB Trenton Joining Instructions
CFB Connaught Joining Instruction
Rocky Mountain Joining Instructions

Code of Conduct

High School Coop Credit Program

Drill Manual
Hand book - Mess Dinners
Lee Enfield Rifle Drill Manual
Cold Weather Training
How To Run Flag Party
Cadet Guide To Maps
CF Dress Instructions - 2017
Water Safety Orders
Fitness Assessment Form
RCIS Re-Cert Form
Tress - Environmental Stewardship
Harassment Prevention
Understanding Promotions
Military Writing
Radio Communication / History
How to Run an Annual Review
Task Procedure and Order Process
Operation Order Template & Notes
Field Training Awareness - Ticks
Army Cadet Adventure Manual

Green Star IG
Green Star QSP
Red Star IG
Red Star QSP
Silver Star QSP
Silver Star IG
Silver Star Team Manual
Gold Star QSP
Gold Star IG
Gold Star Tracking Sheet
Master Cadet QSP
Master Cadet IG
Master Cadet Log
Master Cadet Tracking
Personal Activity Plan
NSE Manual

Corps Training / Evaluations


How to Shoot the Air Rifle

NCO Duties - Job Specs

1913 Instructor Handbook
Military Instructor Handbook

Instructor Evaluation Form

Lesson Plan Template

Training Aid Request Form

Drill Instructor Format Form

Assistant Drill Instructor

Cadet Monitor Eval Form

Sample How to Write Memo
Uniform Inspection Form

Sample Inspection Form

Cadet Detailed Health Info

Parent Form
(Mailing Address)

Food Sensitivity Form
Food Anaphylaxis Form

Expedition Center
Expedition Kit Lists
Expedition Joining Inst.

Facebook Group

Parts of an Air Rifle

You Tube Videos Below:

Range Layout
Description of the 853C Air Rifle
Safety Regulations
The Prone Position
Holding the Rifle
Loading the Rifle
Natural Alignment
Aiming the Rifle
Cleaning the Air Rifle

Troop Warrant Officer

Troop/Plt Break Down
Duties by Rank
Rank Expectations
Promotion Requirements

Cadet Discipline Orders

CATO 15-22 Order
Cautionary Warning
Written Warning
Examples of Breach of Conduct



Air Rifle training was introduced to the Canadian Cadet Movement in the 1990s. The addition of air rifles reflects the need for an inexpensive, readily available marksmanship program. The Canadian Cadet Movement's Air Rifle is the Daisy / Avanti 853C .177 Caliber Target Air Rifle. This Daisy model was created specifically for the Canadian Cadet Movement. Because of the low muzzle velocity, the Daisy 853C is not classified as a firearm under the current Federal Gun Legislation. Our training always teaches to the higher standard, so even though the 853c is not a firearm we treat it as such. Following all the safety rules and guidlies of safe firearm handling (safety equipment, example glasses). A qualified Canadian Forces Range Safety Officer runs the range to a standard that is at least equal to the civilian standard, but in most cases exceeds it. Air rifle ranges can be setup virtually anywhere. We routinely setup on our parade square, and in the field during Field Training Exercises. The range is configured in 1.5 metre x 10 metre lanes. Cadets typically fire from the prone (laying down) position. Qualifications below are 10 shot, 2 groupings of 5 pellets per target during the same relay;

        Marksman - 3cm              First Class - 2.5cm                  Expert - 2cm                Distinguished - 1.5cm


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