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Army Cadet Dress Regulations Page

Your Uniform

The Army Cadet uniform is provided free of charge to cadets. Cadets must maintain it according to standards and must return it upon leaving the cadet program (either when they age out of if they choose to leave the program). Cadets are not issued their uniforms immediately. While the cadets are on the Recruit Course they are required to wear a white dress shirt, black tie, plain black pants (no jeans), and comfortable shoes. This is their 'recruit uniform' and is to be provided by the parents/Guardian.

While on the Recruit Course, cadets will be measured for their uniform, and we will try to kit them with their complete uniform prior to them being officially sworn-in as cadets in the Corps.

The parent/guardian and cadet are required to be present at the uniform kitting and are to sign for the kit the cadet is receiving.


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How to Tie a Cadet Tie

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Measuring Instructions

How to Form your Beret

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